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Technology to stop distracted driving

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CU80 Stops Texting &
Emailing While Driving

Enforces Mobile Phone
Policies While Driving

Block Texts, Emails and Calls  

CU80 Stops Texting, Emailing & Enforces
Mobile Phone Policies While Driving

CU80 is the first system of its kind that will help stop drivers being distracted by mobile devices – phones, laptops, tablet computers or MP3 players. It aims to save lives by stopping mobile activity in the car and is ideal for business owners, directors and fleet operators looking for an easy and safe solution to stop or manage their employee’s use of mobile phones when driving and for families who want to protect young drivers and stop them texting and making calls.

Along with the enormous business benefits, social assistance and increased interaction potential that mobile phones bring there is also a devastating trend – the use of Smartphone’s whilst driving.

The very nature of a smartphone means that users are able to do everything from one device easily and instantly however many motorists are ignoring the blatant dangers of the mobile device and are continuing to use them when they should be focusing on the road ahead.

The law may be in place in to curtail the use of mobile phones whilst driving however many drivers are ignoring the regulations in favour of placing a call or text while behind the wheel. The temptation to use a mobile phone is just too strong for some which is why the need for a system or method of managing that temptation and removing the distraction of a mobile phone is greater than ever.

Driven to distraction by driver inattention

How was CU80 born?

Up to now a CU80 offence endorsement was only an offence code that attracted penalty points when caught using a mobile device while driving. When found guiltily the individual is issued a driving licence endorsement and a fine. There are now other implications of potential increased insurance premiums for the individual or the company who have been caught driving whilst on their mobile phone.

However at CU80 Ltd we consider the real penalties of distracted driving while using a mobile phone when driving are accidents. It’s very easy to suggest to someone, “don’t use your phone while driving”, “ban texting when driving”, “ban mobile phone use while driving”, however the reality is that the many varied examples of people using a mobile phone in a vehicle, messaging while driving, tweeting while driving, use of social medial while driving, facebook while driving, mobile apps when driving, texting using a smartphone, on many different types of mobile devices such as Blackberry’s, Android phones, iPhone,’s Smartphone’s, iPad’s or laptops, etc....

The advent of increased numbers of these mobile devices and mobile applications means there is an ever increasing temptation to use a mobile phone without the safe and legal use of a mobile phone while driving.

We at CU80 want to ensure the promotion of safe driving, by improving mobile phone use and driving habits, therefore hopefully reducing the risk of a car accident while texting or while using the mobile phone driving. 

Companies have to consider things within their mobile phone policies, such as social and corporate responsibility to the employee, the corporate liability if an accident occurs while using a mobile phone or mobile device. Many companies address these points by writing a mobile phone policy and issuing an employee a company handbook with this as the solution; however this does not manage or monitor the use, therefore do not have a solution.

The system is an exciting new solution to solve the problem called “CU80” after the offence code. This has been designed to prevent an employee or member of family being distracted while driving when using a mobile phone or mobile device, this may include such things like texting while driving, using a phone while driving on handsfree or not.

The question has been asked many times over what are the effects of using a mobile phone or mobile device in a vehicle? This has been well documented over the years and it is directly linked to impaired driving performance and classed as dangerous driving habits.

CU80 will where possible stop distracted driving, this is achieved by creating mobile phone policies on our software platform. Clients agree that the “old mobile phone policy on paper” is not enough to stop or prevent driver distraction, the only way that will ensure safe and legal use of a mobile phone while driving is by deploying our safety technology throughout your fleet.

At CU80 we believe every vehicle, whether you have a fleet operator, leasing company or just a parent, CU80 safe driving software should be deployed to ensure risk is minimised and the chance of an accident while using a mobile phone.

Many people have tagged young drivers as the culprits of mobile phone use in a vehicle, with lots of comments about teenager’s texting and driving. Where this is true it is also fair to comment that this isn’t just a teenager trait, all drivers with a phone are exposed to the bleep or buzz of a text or call.

We all understand texting while driving is only a part of the problem. Impeding driver performance by distracted driving can be rated through our web based software system, reporting on things such as scores and driver performance, mobile phone usage and other associated employee driver data. This can be used to measure and monitor your employees risk and improve driver risk assessments, driver awareness courses and driver training.

We strongly believe insurance companies and brokers in due course will recognise the positive impact that CU80 will have on all vehicles. This will hopefully reduce the risk and have a positive reflection on insurance premiums, “mobile usage based insurance".


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